Consumers make a series of choices on the way to a purchase. Digital signs can help retailers influence consumers in ways they see and ways they may not.

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Inspiration at the Point-of-Decision

Retailers know all about the point-of-sale. But consumers in retail settings make plenty of choices that don’t relate directly to a specific purchase. At Respario, we want to reach buyers at the point-of-decision.

Do I have a good feeling about this product? Am I surprised to see the product where I did? Am I excited about its features and benefits? Do I feel inspired to make a purchase based on my surroundings?

Retail digital signage is used to feature specific products, of course. But they’re also using them to create the kind of atmosphere their consumers want to enjoy. Imagine a surf shop with a live feed from Southern California’s Huntington Beach.

Sometimes it’s not about a product, but where it can take you. Digital signage can help you reach that ultimate destination.

Case Studies

  • Case Study

    Cardinal Health Engages Retail Pharmacy Customers Through Digital Signage Network