Want to reach consumers in new ways, at the right time and in the right place? From a pharmacy customer choosing an allergy medicine to a hospital visitor considering cosmetic surgery, consumers of all manner of medical products and services are being moved to action by digital signage.

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Education and Engagement

Digital signs are being employed with measurable effect in a variety of healthcare settings. In hospitals and long-term care facilities, they are used to educate patients, visitors and employees about everything from available medical services to the day’s cafeteria menu and the fastest way to Radiology. In retail pharmacies, digital signage educates consumers about healthier living, stress management and specific conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

In pharmacies, health information is often presented alongside relevant advertising purchased by national brands. Respario’s pharmacy signage networks have been supported by more than 150 individual advertisers. Many report very high rates of return on their advertising spend. And why not? They are reaching consumers at just the right time and in just the right place.

Perhaps more surprising is how engagement through digital signage networks helps hospitals and long-term care facilities increase use of various higher-margin and elective services. While consumers don’t purchase cosmetic surgery at a hospital in the way they buy allergy medicine in a pharmacy, they are moved to find out more information – and while they are in the best place to find it.

Case Studies

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    Cardinal Health Engages Retail Pharmacy Customers Through Digital Signage Network