Respario works with NASA on a digital signage network that informs viewers about the latest happenings aboard the International Space Station. Other government agencies have their own needs that can best be met using digital signage.

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Consistent and Customizable

Government agencies have been relying on effective communication since the fastest way to send a message was by horse and rider. Today, governmental entities depend on instant communications that are at that same time consistent and customizable.

Digital signage solutions can quickly deliver location-specific information presented in a way that is completely consistent with that seen at many other locations. Working with approved templates and font styles, Respario creates that consistency, then works with internal and external resources to deliver the required specificity by location.

GSA-approved and well versed in federal sourcing guidelines, Respario is able to design and build digital signage systems and then hand them over to the purchasing entities to manage. We understand that the needs of governmental agencies vary widely based on their missions. Here, Respario’s consultative approach to design is especially helpful.

Case Studies

  • Case Study

    NASA Takes Public Aboard International Space Station with Digital Signage