Financial Services

Customers waiting for assistance represent an opportunity. Are you doing all you can to tell them about everything your institution has to offer?

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A Focus on Finances

Banks and other providers of financial services are full of the most single-minded of consumers. Few go into a bank branch with a shopping list. They want to go in, make a deposit and leave. But bank patrons waiting for assistance with their transactions represent an opportunity that can be maximized through digital signage.

Around the country, banks are employing digital signage solutions to make customers aware of the range of services they offer. So a consumer waiting for help cashing a check can be made aware of the bank's competitive rates on mortgages and certificates of deposits.

Ah, those rates. Many institutions rely on employees to make manual updates to the signs detailing their rates. With digital signs, those updates can be handled remotely and in real time. The presentation of financial tips also helps consumers focus on their financial goals and how to best achieve them.

Case Studies

  • Case Study

    Bank Midwest Makes the Move to Digital Signage without Turning Off the Television