Commercial Real Estate

Digital signage is doing more today than helping building visitors find offices. It’s also helping real estate organizations lease offices.

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Directories, Yes, and More

Visitors to an office building see a directory with a list of company names and suite numbers. The management of that same office building sees an expense: updating the tenant names when there are comings and goings and moves within the building. In a major office tower with hundreds of tenants, that expense can be considerable.

Digital signs substantially reduce that ongoing expense by giving building managers the ability to add, delete, edit and alphabetize information displayed on digital signs. Even better, they can do all of this from their office..

But digital signage systems can do plenty more, from delivering information about traffic and weather to building amenities to available office spaces and more. Residential real estate organizations have long used video tours to sell houses. Now their colleagues in commercial real estate are doing the same and using digital signs to deliver the images.

Case Studies

  • Case Study

    CapHarbor Property Management Brightens its Lobbies with Digital Directories